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A perfect experience of getting to know Israel - to delve deeper into thought, where the things themselves were happening. History, archeology, geography, anthropology, philosophy and Jewish thought - provide us with a clearer picture and fascinating questions about the past as well as an opportunity to enrich our identity.

The Jezreel Valley, the Carmel and Mount Tabor, Lake Kinneret, the Lower Galilee and the Golan - these are the main sites in the history of the Kingdom of Israel and also the richest in archaeological finds of the Land of Israel from all periods.

Oren Yehi-Shalom, a resident of the Galilee, a doctoral student and a teacher in the Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa, is an expert on Jewish philosophy. He is certified as a secular rabbi in Israel. He conducts educational meetings in order to deepen and enrich the connection to ancient and contemporary Israeli culture in light of values of pluralism and faith in man.



An intellectual journey in Jewish thought on the land of Israel

oren yehishalom  אורן יהי-שלום

Some personal words: My father was a school principal and a special guide. As a child, I grew up with a Bible in hand, on Shabbat trips in many sites of the Land of Israel - and so I discovered the image of our forefathers as creators of our rich and varied culture which we all interpret everyday - religious and secular alike.

LEHITRAOT  - See you!

Intellectual journey

What did the Menorah of the Temple look like? Since the destruction of the Temple of Judah in 70 CE there are no people left who saw the Temple Menorah with their own eyes.

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